Analysis: What is the Amount of FDI inflow in 2017?

The Central Bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina (CBBH) published the foreign direct investments (FDI) statistics for 2017, which indicate that the FDI inflow in 2017 amounted to 777.7 million BAM, or 2.5% of GDP. The inflow of FDI in 2017 was increased by KM 213.6 million compared to 2016.

In terms of geographical distribution in 2017, the highest investment inflows were from Austria (186.8 million BAM), Croatia (102.0 million BAM), Slovenia (101.7 million BAM), Switzerland (58.7 million BAM) and Serbia (53.9 million BAM).

As per activities, the most investments were realized in financial intermediation (banking sector), amounting to KM 261.2 million, then, the activities related to retail trade, in total amount of 110.2 million BAM, the activities related to production and supply with electricity in amount of 64.2 million BAM, the activities related to production of base metals, in amount of 50.7 BAM and activities related to production of motor vehicles in amount of 46.5 million BAM. The total amount includes also the investments outflows, mostly related to manufacture of beverages, in amount of 35.6 million BAM.

In the end of 2017, the balance of FDI amounted to 13.45 billion BAM, with the biggest portion of 66.1% related to equity. The biggest amount of FDI still refers to Austria ( 2.6 billion BAM), Croatia (2.3 billion BAM) and Serbia (2.0 billion BAM)

When it comes to the statistics on the FDIs going out from Bosnia and Herzegovina abroad, in 2017, the flows abroad amounted to 132.0 million BAM and they have increased by 70.3 million BAM compared to 2016, when recorded flows abroad amounted to 61.7 million BAM. As the consequence of investments in the previous years, the balance of domestic investments abroad amounted to 872.8 million BAM.

According to the auditing policies and on the basis of additional data, with publishing the data for 2017, the audits were performed over the amounts of flows and balances of FDI for the previous years, too.

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