Bosnian Court terminated Custody to Marko Trifkovic


On 8 July 2020 the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina issued a decision terminating the accused Marko Trifković’s custody previously ordered by Decision of the Court of BiH dated 10 January 2020, and extended by Decision of the Court of BiH dated 8 May 2020. The Court has granted the motion filed by defense counsel for the accused Marko Trifković offering bail in the amount of 252,234.00 BAM which consists of lien (mortgage) registered to Bosnia and Herzegovina on a piece of real estate owned by the accused’s mother.

The accused Marko Trifković will be released after the Court receives the final decision allowing the registration of lien (mortgage) on the given real estate towards the BiH budget. The registration of mortgage on the given real estate must be supported by clear and unambiguous proof provided by the court in whose territory the given property is located. Having received such clear and unambiguous proof, the Court will issue an order to release the accused Marko Trifković from custody. If the accused person becomes unavailable to the BiH judicial authorities, a decision shall be issued to register the mortgaged property as a revenue of the BiH institutions’ budget.

At the same time, certain prohibitive measures have been imposed on the accused Marko Trifković, specifically the travel ban and the obligation to report twice a week to the relevant police station. The accused’s compliance shall be controlled by the police authorities, while the accused is warned that, in case of non-compliance, an additional measure may be imposed on him or he may be remanded into custody.
The imposed prohibitive measures may last for as long as necessary, while the control of justifiability shall be carried out on a bi-monthly basis. Despite the posted bail and the imposed prohibitive measures, the accused will be remanded into custody if he fails to respond to a court summons, while failing to justify his absence, or if it has been found out that he was preparing to flee or in case there emerges any other legal grounds of custody.

The accused Marko Trifković is charged with the criminal offense of Organized Crime under Article 250(2) of the Criminal Code of Bosnia and Herzegovina (CC BiH), as read with the criminal offense of Aggravated Theft under Article 287(1)a) of the Criminal Code of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (CC FBiH), the criminal offense of Money Laundering under Article 209(2) CC BiH and the criminal offense of Smuggling under Article 214(1) CC BiH.

At the arraignment held on 17 January 2020, in the case Marko Trifković et al., the accused Marko Trifković pled not guilty.


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