Canton Sarajevo started Project of Limiting the Use of Coal and other Solid Fuels


The Government of the Sarajevo Canton has given its consent to the Proposal of the Financing Agreement between the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and the Sarajevo Canton-Ministry of Physical Planning, Construction and Environmental Protection.

The purpose is to develop a Strategy for limiting the use of coal and other solid fuels in the Sarajevo Canton for the period 2021 – 2031, one of the activities within the project “Green Economic Development”.

Minister Faruk Kapidzic is authorized to sign the agreement with UNDP, as the implementer of the project. It is estimated that the study will cost around 400,000 BAM, which will be provided by the Embassy of Sweden and the relevant ministry in the amount of 200,000 BAM each.

The development of the Strategy for Restricting the Use of Coal and Other Solid Fuels implies, among other things, an analysis of the current situation, ie a list of all sources of solid fuel emissions, including home combustion plants (about 100,000 facilities).

An analysis of available fuels and furnaces, their impact on air quality, a proposal for the establishment of a system for certification of furnaces and control of the type and quality of solid fuels, as well as an overview of possible measures to reduce emissions.

Based on the collected data, the Strategy will provide lists of priority zones and settlements that have the greatest impact on air quality and the answer where to direct funds for rehabilitation and improvement of heating systems of individual buildings and their energy efficiency.

The strategy will also determine the necessary funds for the transition of users to more environmentally friendly energy sources.

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