After a long Break, the Plane finally landed at Mostar Airport

Today, one plane landed at Mostar Airport, where air traffic is a rare occurrence. He brought football players from Luxembourg against Zrinjski’s opponent in the European League. It is a Luxair plane, Dash-8 Q400, which brought the football players of Luxembourg’s Differdange, who will play tomorrow in the European League against Mostar’s Zrinjski, news portal reports.

All scheduled flights have been canceled and air traffic is almost non-existent at Mostar Airport because of coronavirus pandemic. Thus, in the last six months, only a few smaller planes that were mostly medical or brought smaller groups of passengers landed at Mostar Airport.

For the time being, there are no indications about the new establishment of air connections and the revival of air traffic over the Mostar sky.

Due to that, this company is in an extremely difficult situation and the fate of Mostar Airport, as well as the employees there, has been absolutely uncertain for months.

The financial crisis in which it fell, Mostar Airport can hardly overcome without the concrete help of the country.

The activities carried out by the management, which was appointed in the midst of the pandemic and the most difficult moments of this company, are performed under a veil of secrecy.

The new director of Mostar Airport, Ivan Ljubic, has banned all employees from giving statements to the media, and since he took over the function of the head of that company, he has been unavailable to the public.

The specialized portal Ex-Yu Aviation writes that the Airport in Mostar did not register a single passenger in July.

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