Red Cross organized Exercise of Caring for Vulnerable Populations after Earthquakes

The Red Cross of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina organized an exercise of the Protection and Rescue Service in Gradacac, where they have shown readiness to act in response to some of the natural disasters.

The exercise was thematically dedicated to caring for vulnerable populations after earthquake.

Secretary-General of the Red Cross of the Federation of BiH Namik Hodzic emphasizes the importance of continuous education of teams and checking preparedness for timely response because the Red Cross is an integral part of the system of preparation and response to natural disasters.

“We will continue to work on the training of multi-purpose field units and the Protection and Rescue Service, as well as on the improvement of the efficient response in the event of a certain natural disaster, which is one of our basic mandates,” he pointed out.

The second exercise was held in the premises of the Elementary School “Ivan Goran Kovacic” where they worked on the evacuation and care of injured students due to the earthquake, and the other on Lake Vidara where teams evacuated by water and care for the vulnerable through first aid and psychosocial support.

The event was attended by about 70 people, employees and volunteers in the structure of the Red Cross, and partner services (Civil Protection of Gradačac, Health Center, Police Station and Fire Brigade of Gradačac and Diving Club from Gradačac ‘Vidara’).

“With this exercise, our teams showed readiness to act quickly on the ground, which we proved in the event of floods, landslides and other disasters that unfortunately affected our country,” said Jasmin Niksic, operational manager of the exercise, the FBiH Central Committee said.

The exercise was held in compliance with all hygienic and epidemiological measures and recommendations of the competent authorities.

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