12 Million BAM for Agriculture in Brcko District

The Government of the Brcko District adopted the Rulebook on the manner and conditions for incentives in agricultural production for 2020 in the amount of 12 million BAM and the head of the Department for Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management, Perica Burgic, said that this year was specific because of the pandemic, which made many things difficult.

The department will take certain steps to avoid corrupt practices, because it is very important that the budget is used transparently and our goal is to give that incentive to those who actually produce. If there is a lack of funds, I hope that the Government will find interest and understanding to compensate certain funds with another rebalance. When the COVID-19 pandemic broke out, in addition to the difficult financial situation, we found funds for the rebalance and managed to set aside one and a half million marks to pay off the 2019 incentives. I think that with certain improvements, which the Department will undertake, these 12 million BAM for 2020 will be quite enough,” said Burgic.

He reminded that in 2019 there were 2,103 requests related to households and that 1,937 households once received an incentive of up to 20 thousand BAM, and stressed that the ordinance adopted today will not harm these people. According to him, the receipt of requests will begin in seven to eight days, and this year the procedure is expected to go much faster than in previous years.

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