Construction of Thermoelectric ‘Stanari” and “Ugljevik Tri” Begins

The RS Minister of Industry, Energy and Forestry Željko Kovačević said that this year the construction of thermoelectric “Stanari” and “Ugljevik Tri” would begin.

Kovačević said that a capacity of 300 megawatts that were installed for thermoelectric “Stanari” completed all preparatory activities and financial issues, and for thermoelectric “Ugljevik tri” a strength of twice per 300 megawatts are going as planned.

He said for “Večernje novosti” that in “Ugljevik” a completely new thermoelectric will be constructed and a new mine will open, and this would be one of the most important projects, where until now about 30 million KM has been invested.

Kovačević said that after an agreement of a strategic partnership between the German company RWE and the Electric Power Industry of RS, activities regarding the construction of a hydropower system “Gornja Drina” has begun, and its worth is estimated to be 900 million KM. It would include hydropower plants “Buk Bijela”, “Foča”, “Paunci” and “Sutjeska”.

The RS Minister of Industry, Energy and Forestry said that there is a plan to construct the hydropower plant “Mrsovo” on the river Lim worth 188 million KM, a hydropower plant on the river Bistrica, several small hydropower plants, and a concession agreement on the construction of a wind park Trusina has been completed.

‘’A good part of this project already has secured funding, which is an added confirmation of their successful implementation in the next period” said Kovačević.

He said that the RS will continue to export excess electrical energy that in the last few years amounts to 30 percent of total production, and pointed out that in 2012 on this basis 97.2 million KM was generated.

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