Croatia begins Connecting the Road with Banja Luka Highway

Preparations have begun in Croatia for the construction of an access road that will connect the bridge on the SavaRiver near Gradiska with the Zagreb-Belgrade highway, it was stated by “Hrvatske Ceste” on Friday. Tamara Pajic from the Public Relations Office of “Hrvatske Ceste”, which is in charge of the construction of that road, told “Nezavisne Novine” that the public procurement procedure for works and supervision services for that part of the project is in progress, Biznis Info reports.

The paper states that the sketch shows that a new border crossing will be built on the Croatian side, which, at least it seems, removes speculation from previous years that Croatia will only turn the highway towards the existing crossing in Nova Gradiska, in which tens of millions of euros were invested to comply with European Schengen standards.

“It is also visible that the access road will have a highway profile and will be connected to secondary roads with two loops”, states “Nezavisne novine”, and reminds that the Indirect Taxation Authority of BiH has already completed the construction of the border crossing on the BiH side bridge.

According to the plans of “Hrvatske Ceste”, the new border crossing would be approximately one kilometer away from the bridge on the Sava, and between that bridge and the crossing, a smaller bridge is planned.

After the border crossing, the construction of another bridge over the Nova Sava canal is planned, and near Novi Varos, the construction of the first loop is planned, which will connect the highway with the existing road towards Okucani.

One kilometer further towards the highway, the construction of one overpass for the local road and a little further one passage above the highway for wild animals is planned.

Immediately after this passage, the construction of the second loop on the same road is planned, and in the continuation of that loop there is an existing connection to the Zagreb-Belgrade highway.

The total length of the road is about eight kilometers, and “Hrvatske Ceste” should invest about 70 million euros in its construction. Most of the funds for the Croatian part of the project were provided from European funds.

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