2.3 million BAM for connecting Bihac and Sarajevo by Talgo Train

The Government of FBiH established the Draft Law on the Electronic Signature of the FBiH,  at its session that was held in Mostar.

This law regulates the right of natural and legal persons to use electronic signatures in administrative, judicial and other proceedings, as well as business and other activities.

The Government of FBiH tasked the Federal Ministry of Transport and Communications and the Federal Ministry of Finance to plan funds in the amount of 2,300,000 BAM during the creation of the proposal for amendments to the Budget of the FBiH for this project. Thus, the conditions for the introduction of the Sarajevo – Bihac passenger line by Talgo trains that are already coming to Banja Luka, would be fulfilled.

The Government of FBiH has adopted information from the Federal Ministry of Culture and Sports on the need to allocate funds for the organization of the European Winter Youth Olympic Festival EYOF 2019. A total of 300,000 BAM was allocated for this purpose.

The Board of Directors of Indirect Taxation Authority (ITA) submitted a proposal for the release of PE Railways of FBiH Ltd. Sarajevo from the payment of the diesel fuel that is used for the operation of rail vehicles in the year of 2018. This is a total of 3,322,040 liters of diesel fuel.

(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)



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