The 20th Anniversary of the Massacre at Markale to be marked tomorrow

markale genocideOn the 28th of August 1995, a shell was fired from the Serbian positions and killed 43 and severely wounded 84 civilians near the city market Markale in Sarajevo.

Mortar shell was produced in the factory “Krusik” in Valjevo in 1993. Four other grenades that exploded near Markale that day had the same label.

Massacre at the city market was the last big crime of Karadzic’s Serbs in besieged Sarajevo. After it followed the operation “Deliberate Force” by NATO forces. Serbian military and political leadership was forced to unblock Sarajevo and withdraw the artillery positions around the capital of BiH.

This was the second big massacre at this Sarajevo market. The first Markale massacre took place on the 5th of February 1994 between 12:10 pm and 12:20 pm. Mortar shell projectile was fired from the position of the Army of the RS (VRS) in the village Mrkovici and fell to the crowded city market. Then was killed 68 and wounded 144 citizens of Sarajevo.

(Source: nap.ba)

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