Bet Shops do not belong on Old Town Baščaršija!

Bet Shops Baščaršija buka.comOn the session of the Municipal Council of Stari Grad, scheduled for January 28, councilors of Our Party (Naša Stranka) will direct amendments to the new decision of the Municipality of Stari Grad which regulates the field of office space leasing.

“The decision in question is of great significance for Stari Grad, given that half of the municipal budget is filled precisely from leasing office spaces. Until now we had two decision which regulated this field. One defined the prices, other defined the zones of business activities. Now both of those fields will be encompassed by one decision. We have nothing against this formal side, but a significant oversight occurred in the very content of the decision: Baščaršija and Štrosmajerova were included in the same price zone, but also in the same zone when it comes to defining business activities,” said Vedran Grebo, councilor of Our Party in Stari Grad Municipal Council.

In other words, it means that all activities allowed in Štrosmajerova are also allowed in the protected area of Bašlaršija, which is absurd since Štrosmajerova and Baščaršija have a quite different structure.

“Thereby, according to current draft decision, there is no legal basis which would prevent the opening of, let’s say, bet shops on Bašlaršija, even in Kazandžiluk for example. We believe it is intolerable, given that Baščaršija is a protected cultural monument and there should be no possibility of opening bet shops, casinos and objects with similar purposes there,” Grebo added.

Grebo said that the Decision should be changed, so that activities which would infringe the symbolical integrity of Baščaršija are disallowed at the protected area of Baščaršija.

(Source: klix.ba)

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