Mosque: Students preparing their Exams in the Mosque while keeping themselves warm

dzamijaaIn these cold days, the beautiful mosque Pacadzi Hadzii Mustafa Nesuh in the Sarajevo neighborhood of Stara Breka, opened its doors to all those who have no place to keep themselves warm.

It is inviting its visitors to come under its embrace, and stay away from the cold at least for a few hours, which is the true example to follow. The invitation was sent to both Muslims and non-Muslims, those who are believers and those who are not, because the imam of this mosque Muhamed Velic, knows that a lot of people are freezing these days. There is people who have no money to pay for the heating in their homes, and some of those are students.

“This is the kind of example that everyone should follow. It shows the size of our religion, Islam. We are students as well and we know a lot of our colleagues who are freezing in the rooms in which they live. Here they are allowed to come and study in peace. It is really generous,” said students Adnan Kospo and Mahir Turko.

“There are people who gave a donation to the mosque, for heating and electricity. They paid heating for the faithful to be warm. And then we had the idea to open the doors of mosque for all those who have no place to warm themselves. There are plenty of students who are tenants, they are dealing with heating, and they have to pay all of that. There are people who do not have heating because they cannot pay for it. They can come here now,” said imam Velic.

“Here are invited those who pray and who do not. Muslims and non-Muslims. Prophet Mohammed p.b.u.h., was receiving non-Muslims in his mosque in Medina. Even those that perform their own prayers. It is perhaps a little known fact, but it is true. All people of good will are welcomed here,” said imam Velic.

(Source: Faktor.ba)

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