Buco: We are starting with the construction of 30 km of Highway in 2016

bucoDirector of the PE Highways of FB&H Jasmin Buco stated that they are starting with the construction of 30 km of the highway this year, and on the shares Pocitelj – Medjugorje, LOT 2 Zenica South – Zenica North, Drivusa – Klopce, Pocitelj – Buna and LOT 3 Zenica South – Zenica North.

He added that activities on proposal for model of construction of fast road from Lasva to Travnik will be completed this year, which is on the new basic European transport network, and which should be constructed by the model of concession.

Buco emphasized that the construction of Corridor 5C is very demanding and economically justified project, and that they have opened questions regarding position of the route, spatial plan, expropriation, technical specifications etc.

He specified that additional 870 million EUR must be secured in the next 4 years for completion of 70 % of Corridor 5-C, and that the increase in excise duty on fuel is necessary for continuation of the construction of highways.

He emphasized that besides the model of construction by borrowing from financial institutions they are also trying to implement the construction of highway and fast road by model design – finance – construct – return to the contracting subject for the first time, on the section of the highway Konjic – Mostar North, for which they are currently performing analysis of the position along the route with the proposal for shortening of the road by 32 km compared to the existing road, which should achieve savings of 300 million EUR.


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