30% Growth: Oil Price nearly $42, WTI and Brent equal

12476168_1133287086722246_247439766_nFirst day of the working week was marked by the continuous growth of prices of crude oil on the world stock exchanges.

There is still no end in sight to the growth that started on February 10 and 11. The first alignment of values of crude oil from European and US sources was registered on Monday.

Namely, at 3 p.m. the prices of the US WTI and the European Brent amounted to 41.6 dollars per barrel. The near equalization is a result of slight halt in the growth of the value of Brent, which enabled the WTI a successful temporary overreach.

The growth is followed by a series of breaks and falls which does not affect the wider image of the growth which amounts to as much as 30 percent as of February.

The psychological limit of 40 dollars per barrel was exceeded on March 10. The last recorded growth of values of similar intensity was in May 2015 when the oil price increased by about 10 dollars per barrel in 30 days.


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