Ambassador of BiH to Belgium: Two BiH Citizen at the Airport in Brussels

12895330_1743975715839105_836112409_nIn Brussels, everything reminds on the state of the war, said Drasko Acimovic, the Ambassador of BiH in Belgium.

“The third bomb exploded in the metro, and it is expected that there will be more. Some people speculate that dozens of demining teams were sent all over the city. On the other hand, shopping centers were evacuated and closed, schools are closed and it is expected for the phone lines to be somehow blocked as well. All of these are the unofficial information,” said Ambassador Acimovic.

Ambassador of BiH to Belgium said that “the first information that they have are unofficial”. They tried, according to him, to get to the airport this morning after the first explosion, in order to get some more information first hand, but they could not pass.

“There is a large hoop. Everything is blocked. Currently, the positive news that we have are that two citizens of BiH, Mila and Zoran Vukovic from the RS, are on safe at the airport in Brussels. We are in contact with them. They will be evacuated soon, we agreed to get them evacuated to the embassy, where we will take care of them,” said Ambassador Acimovic.

Ambassador of BiH in Belgium said that they “opened several channels for gathering information.”

“We’ve our people that are working in ambulance, and we asked them to send us information on any injured or killed our citizen. On the other hand, in the conversation that we had with Mr. and Mrs. who are at the airport, they confirmed that they do not know if there are any other citizens of BiH in the small evacuation center at the airport. We also opened a 24-hour telephone line for all contacts.

Here we are, and we will be here for 24 hours for anything and anyone,” said Drasko Acimovic, Ambassador of BiH to Belgium.

In this morning’s explosions at the airport, according to previous information, at least 13 people was killed and 35 people was injured. Government of Belgium has not given any official information about the victims and the citizens of Brussels were asked to stay in their homes. It is alleged that another 10 people were killed in the explosion in the metro.

Brussels firefighters informed that they received reports of at least 4 explosions at several metro stations.

(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba/ photo guardian)

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