31 Houses in BiH finished within the Project of Regional Housing

Borovac The national housing project is implemented in BiH within the Regional Programme for housing (RSP), with which is planned to provide homes for 5,400 families or 14,000 persons.

On that occasion, the Minister for Human Rights and Refugees Semiha Borovac said that the construction of 31 homes at a turnkey basis was completed so far, and 20 families opted for getting construction materials.

“The construction of the first building in Ilidza started, and works should begin in Banja Luka very soon as well,” said Borovac.

A total of 25,850 families signed up on the public calls that were issued by relevant entity and state ministries, of which about 16,000 internally displaced (9,500 for the return and 6,500 for local integration), about 8,000 families to return to BiH from the region (4,600 from Croatia, 3420 from Serbia and 90 from Montenegro), and 1,500 displaced families from Croatia for local integration in BiH).

“Total resources intended for BiH amount to 101 million EUR, but so far we got 41 million EUR approved for the four sub-projects through which will be reconstructed or newly built a total of 1,868 housing units. Of this, 1,430 will be family houses and 438 apartments in 19 buildings in 72 municipalities on the territory of BiH,” said Borovac.

A total of 533 families will be locally integrated through these sub-projects, of which 363 in the RS and 170 in the FBiH.

“A total of 350 families will return to BiH from Croatia, 150 from Serbia and 90 from Montenegro. The rest of the families (up to 1,868) or more precisely 835 families will return to their pre-war residence, and they were internally displaced in BiH,” said Borovac.

Talking about the selection of users, she emphasized that the condition of donors was to elect the most vulnerable, socially disadvantaged, elderly and sick, and national structure is such that one-third of each constituent people is represented.

Minister for Human Rights and Refugees, said that the Ministry signed  a Memorandum of cross-border verification of 3,296 families who wish to return to BiH with Serbia, “in order to apply to donors and CEB bank for a new sub-project”.

By RSP program is foreseen housing for nearly 27,000 households, or about 74,000 refugees and displaced persons in BiH, Serbia, Croatia and Montenegro.

BiH is the first of the four countries in the region that has signed the Framework Agreement with the Development Bank of the Council of Europe regarding the Regional Programme for housing.

(Source: faktor.ba)

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