31 million BAM of Investments in BiH have been supported through USAID “Diaspora Invest”

”USAID’s “Diaspora Invest” project will support the organization of the Business Forum of BiH diaspora, which, after last year’s break, will gather through online sessions, potential investors, representatives of local communities and civil society organizations involved in bringing together the business community of the BiH diaspora. Investments of the BiH diaspora are an important contribution to the growth of the domestic economy as confirmed by the latest data on the total investment of emigrants realized with the support of this project,” is stated in the press release.

“We are currently in the fourth year of the project, where we have stagnation compared to the trends from 2019 and 2018, but investments on an annual basis are still significant,” they added.

Since April 2017, when USAID started the implementation of the ‘Diaspora Invest’ project, about 31 million BAM of investments in Bosnia and Herzegovina have been supported through technical support programs and grants,” the USAID “Diaspora Invest” project reports.

The biggest growth in 2021 is expected when it comes to investments of the diaspora in the IT sector and the processing industry. The recovery of the tourism sector is also expected, where there was already a great interest of emigrant investors earlier.

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