Turkish Credit To Aid Sustainable Return

One of the first projects implemented with a Turkish line of credit is a furniture factory called “Izazov”, which was opened last year in December in Gornja Kalesija.

The owners claim that the products of this factory are 100% Bosnian, and that in the new plant twenty returness to Republika Srpska are now employed.

Turkey’s goal of 100 million euros is to aid sustainable return throughout the country and to employ returnees.

“The employment of returnees is the main goal of this project, whose realization is aided by BBI and Turkish Ziraat Bank. The financing of the project through a Turkish line of credit, which have so far been approved, will make possible the permanent employment for 1,104 returnees and hundreds of subcontractors”, said Edin Ramić to “Oslobođenje”. Ramić is a consultant for the return of the diaspora for Bakir Izetbegović, BiH member of the Presidency.

According to Ramić, nearly all returnees are included in this process, and business people and returnees in Prijedor, Brcko District, Goražde and Zvornik showed the greatest interest for the loans.

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