70 million euros for the reduction of emissions of harmful materials

In the last four years, 50 million euros were invested in the Refinery of oil in Bosanski Brod for the reduction of the emissions of harmful materials. By 2017 another 70 million euros will be invested in the reduction of emissions of harmful materials. After the meeting with the ministers from B&H, Croatia and RS in Bosanski Brod, the director of the ”Optima group” said that they are always in tact with the newest information from the measurement stations in Slavonski Brod and that the concentration of harmful substances has not been near those which according to the measurement of World’s Health Organization may provoke negative effects on the health of inhabitants.

He also stated that the Refinery in Bosanski Brod is investing maximum effort to lower the emission of harmful materials and that it is trying to eliminate their existence. According to Šćepanović, the biggest pollution at the Refinery was under the concentration of pollution that may jeopardize the health of people and on that occasion they closed the Refinery for four days. Šćepanović also stated that 95% of oil produced in Bosanski Brod is Russian export mixture with 1, 2-1,5% of sulphur and that this kind of oil is mostly used in this region.


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