EFSE gave new funds to microcredit organisations and banks in BiH

NOVAC EUROThe European Fund for Southeast Europe gave today in Sarajevo 18.5 million EUR to microcredit organisations and banks that work in BiH.

Spokesperson of EFSE Merle Roemer said that EFSE signed a contract with Sberbank which is worth 10 million EUR, and according to her, three millions will go to housing loan, and seven will go to SMEs.

Microcredit foundation MI-BOSPO from Tuzla received a 1.5 million EUR of credit by EFSE, which will be used in development and improvement of business and entrepreneurship.

EFSE gave 4 million EUR to Mikrofin for farmers, while MF Bank will use 3 million EUR for SMEs.

The seventh annual conference of EFSE is currently being held in Sarajevo.


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