Turks Will Start Production of Carpets in Bosanski Petrovac

Bosanski-PetrovacThe Director of the Turkish Agency for International Cooperaiton and Development (TIKA) in BiH Dr. Zülküf Oruç was on a visit to Bosanski Petrovac. The reason for the visit was the project Ćilimara that will be opened in Bosnian Petrovac and will be financed by their grants.

At the meeting with the mayor of Bosanski Petrovac Zlatko Hujić, they spoke of the project and ways of its implementation. Municipality Bosanski Petrovac ensured space for setting up 50 apartments in which carpets would be made. The donation would amount to 63,000 KM.

At the presentation in Bosanski Petrovac, two suppliers were invited who took part in the competition for the construction of housing, and an interview has been announced, which will be followed by the decision for the contractor.

Director Oruč said that at the cultural, social and economic level this project complies with the criteria of TIKA. He added that “for us it is important that the project is carried out in parts because it would have a huge advantage for citizens of Bosanski Petrovac and it is our honor that we are a part of this project, and that we would help in the continuation of a long tradition’’.

After the discussion with the mayor of the municipality, representatives of TIKA visited the area where the project would be realized and spoke with the audience, who came to the presentation.

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