Chance for Hazelnut Growers

ljesnikThe Association of Agricultural Producers “Žitoplod” Žepče in cooperation with the Development Agency Žepče sent a public invitation to interested landowners and potential hazelnut growers to be recorded as potential subcontractors of the Italian company TopAgri Family Group.

Specifically, “Žitoplod” Žepče and the Development Agency Žepče were on a visit to the Italian company TopAgri Family Group, which deals with manufacturing and processing of food products, discussed the possibility of establishing cooperation and initiating certain agricultural products that is of interest to the Italian company and local agricultural producers.

The potential Italian investors identified the untapped potential for organic production of hazelnuts during their visit to Žepče and expressed willingness to co-finance raising crops planting and production materials, environmental certification of land farmers and guaranteeing the purchase of products at market prices, provided that there is a serious interest in the production of this crop in our area.

“Žitoplod”, in cooperation with the Development Agency calls on all potential producers from the area of Žepče, Maglaj and Zavidovići to express their interest and to contact Žitoplod or the Development Agency in order to gain insight into the capacity with which it has to take further action.

“If there is expressed interest for serious production of large quantities in this area, experts from TopAgriFamily Group would visit Žepče and hold meetings where they would further refine all forms of future cooperation, define contracts and enter into the realization of this project’’, said in the invitation.

Also, there is an unlimited demand for this crop, which gives farmers the possibility to enter into long-term cooperation with EU partners, invest in their unused agricultural capacity, and ensure their own existence.


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