AS Group to start Production on June 1?

AgrokomercThe part of the company “Agrokomerc”, which was purchased by ‘AS group’ from Tesanj, will start the production on June 1, as announced by the director of Agrokomerc Ermin Mujic.

To recall, the company AC Food, which belongs to AS Group, won at the public auction that was conducted last spring and thus became the owner of the land and buildings of Agrokomerc that were worth around 3 million BAM.

“The operation will start from June 1. We expect the progress, according to the contract and the agreement, and there will be enough work for employers of Agrokomerc, who will be a priority. They do not know how many workplaces are expected in the AS Group because the production will require a new technology which is in the process of procurement. It will certainly be a significant increase compared to Gadzo komerc because they are a much larger company, and they achieve an annual turnover of 300 million BAM and they employ a total of 4,000 people,” said the director of Agrokomerc.

When it comes to production activities, all eyes are on the AC Food, which should make a real economic turnaround in the entire complex of Agrokomerc on the locality of Velika Kladusa Field.

People from Kladusa believe, although there is no reliable information, that Gadzo Komerc will completely withdraw and leave all the space to AS Group because these negotiations are taking place.


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