Total Production of Forest Assortments in Bosnia and Herzegovina recorded Decrease


Total production of forest assortments in Bosnia and Herzegovina in second quarter of 2020 decreased for 1,90%, compared to the same period in 2019. Production of coniferous (softwood) assortments is, for 3,06% lower while the production of broadleaf (hardwood) assortments decreases for 0,66%, according to Agency for Statistics of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Production of coniferous logs is 8,54% lower while production of broadleaf logs records decreasing of 8,38%. Decreased production has been recorded to coniferous mining wood by 8,33% and to broadleaf cordwood by 22,95%.

Production increase of 26,29% compared to 2nd quarter of 2019 has been recorded in production of coniferous other long wood, in production of coniferous cordwood by 13,39% and in production of broadleaf fuelwood by 3,52%.

Other roughly worked wood, coniferous fuelwood and broadleaf mining wood are produced in small quantities and changes in produced quantities do not affect variations in total production of forest assortments.

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