7,681 Cases of Coronavirus Infection have been confirmed in Bosnia and Herzegovina so far


According to the latest data on the epidemiological situation, submitted by the Ministry of Civil Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina, 7,681 cases of coronavirus infection have been confirmed in the country so far, and 116,067 people have been tested, 240 patients died, while the number of recovered is 3,534.

Out of that, 3,425 cases were confirmed in the Republika Srpska, 43,040 were tested, 143 people died and 1,758 patients recovered.

In the Federation of BiH, the infection was confirmed in 4,169 of the 71,556 people tested, the number of deaths was 92, while 1,753 patients recovered.

When it comes to Brčko District, there are 87 confirmed cases of coronavirus infection, 1,471 tested, five deceased and 23 recovered patients, stated the Ministry of Civil Affairs of BiH.

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