Hundred Migrants attempt to cross Drina River (Video)

Every day, groups of migrants try to enter the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina from Serbia on their way to the countries of the European Union.

On Friday morning, Bosnian border police prevented the entry of close to 98 illegal migrants in the Zvornik area, Klix.ba news portal reports.

They tried to walk from the territory of Serbia in the area of the river Drina, where the water level is low, and thus enter the territory of BiH.

Svevlad Hoffman, the advisor to the director of Border Police, told Klix.ba that the scenes from the recordings are almost an everyday picture of the fight against illegal migration.

For years, the Bosnian Border Police has been appealing to the authorities that they need help in the form of hiring a larger number of officers so that they can adequately respond to the challenges of the migrant crisis, as well as other criminal activities.

The leaders of the Border Police of BiH often say that our country lacks more than a thousand border police officers, but that even in this situation, with great engagement with the help of members of other agencies, they manage to respond to tasks and prevent a large number of illegal crossings.

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