Bosnian Border Police prevented Smuggling of 6,950 Boxes of Cigarettes without Excise Stamps

As part of the operational action “DSC 2”, members of the Trebinje Border Police Unit on Friday prevented the smuggling of 6,950 boxes of various types of cigarettes without excise stamps.

The cigarettes were discovered during the border control of a vehicle of Volkswagen brand, of Bosnian registration plates, operated by M.S. (1981), while another Lada vehicle, also of BiH registration plates, driven by B.D. (1980) was a precursor, ie it had the role of a “cleaner”, the BiH Border Police stated in a press release on Friday.

As stated, they were controlled in the Bijela Gora border zone in the Trebinje area and deprived of their liberty.

The Prosecutor of the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH and the Judge for Preliminary Proceedings of the Court of BiH were informed about the event, according to whose order the vehicle containing the cigarettes was searched.

Cigarettes, whose market value is estimated at around 35,000 BAM, vehicles and other evidence were temporarily confiscated.

Due to the existence of grounds for suspicion that the criminal offense of “smuggling” was committed, a report will be submitted to the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH against the suspected citizens of BiH.

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