80 Vehicles handed over to disabled War Veterans

160930122-2_xlMinister for Issues of Veterans and Invalids of the Defense-Liberation War Salko Bukvarević and Minister of Labor and Social Policy in FBiH Vesko Drljača handed over keys of 80 vehicles to 100 percent war veterans today in the company Porsche Sarajevo.

Bukvarević highlighted that these vehicles, each one of whom costs 24.800 BAM, will certainly contribute to better life of war veterans, disabled veterans, and to sustainability of BiH.

“These people are the most deserving for the defense of BiH and it is our legal duty to be at service to veterans and veteran categories,” Bukvarević stated.

Director of the company Porsche Ltd. Sarajevo Senad Olovčić expressed hope that cars Skoda Octavia with accompanying equipment will serve the war veterans adequately.

President of the Federation of Disabled War Veterans – Paraplegics in FBiH Mujo Aganović thanked the Minister Bukvarević and representatives of Porsche Sarajevo on behalf of the end users, adding that recipients of vehicles should use the cars as a recognition from the state of BiH for everything that they have done for that country in the past.

The project is worth 1.912.000 BAM (without VAT) and the funds were provided in the budget of FBiH for 2016.

(Source: klix.ba)

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