A Farmer from Trnovo lost more than 120 Sheep in the Floods

Goran Golijanin, a farmer from Trnovo, lost almost the entire flock of sheep in the floods.

“The sheep drowned, we managed to save only 16 heads. This is not just about material damage, my many years of effort failed. I loved my flock, the vets visited them regularly, the cattle were healthy and we cared for them,” Golijanin says indignantly.

The barn is empty now, cleaning and sludge removal will begin soon. Golijanin added that he is now starting from the beginning, step by step: “16 sheep have been saved, we must continue, there is no other option.”

In the end, he explained that no one could have predicted such a flood. A heavy rainfall lasted for days and the water reached a height of almost two meters.

Even the older residents of the Municipality of Trnovo pointed out that they do not remember such floods and that the material damage to the facilities is huge, while the rehabilitation will take months.

To recall, large floods were recorded in the wider area of Sarajevo on Friday due to heavy rainfall. The most difficult situation is in Ilidza, Novi Grad, and Istocno Sarajevo.

The Federal Administration of Civil Protection (FUCZ) announced yesterday that the water level of the Zeljeznica River in Sarajevo was still rising, and the water level of other rivers was slightly falling.

The Sarajevo settlement of Rajlovac is still flooded after heavy rains from the past days. Many facilities were flooded, including the premises of a large number of businesses, but also private homes.

A good part of the settlements that are supplied from the Reljevo station still do not have electricity, and many houses are without water supply.


Source: klix.ba

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