A Father who will do anything: He decided to sell a Kidney to save his Daughter!


Kemal Pehlivanovic, a father of little Lamija, announced on Facebook last tonight that he decided to sell his kidney to raise money for his daughter’s surgery that will allow her to eat. As he said, Lamija currently eats with the help of gastronomy button called ‘’PEG tube’’.

The family received an invoice for the surgery and were told by the clinic to contact them when they collect the money needed for the surgery. Besides this amount, depending on the recovery time, Lamija will need much more money, which is why they need the help of all good people.

Given the difficult financial situation and the lack of money, Lamija’’s father Kemal decided to sell his kidney.

Five years ago, when Hayat TV helped us a lot, Lamija went on a heart surgery. We were able to quickly raise all the money back then. One Bosnian citizen living in Slovenia made a call during the fundraising campaign and paid some of the missing funds of 16.5000 EUR. We did not have enough resources for a few more surgeries, so she had only one at that time  – said the father of this girl.

In the meantime, Lamija’s condition has worsened.

Now her liver is starting to fail. Also, she never took a drop of water into her mouth because she feeds on the ‘’PEG tube’’, which was connected to the stomach by a surgery. She needs tissue or palate surgery, and later the stomach, so that she can start to feed her body. The operation requires 13.950 EUR. We don’t have that money. We’re going to collect it somehow, but rehabilitation is much more expensive – said Lamija’s father.

Lamija should stay in hospital in Turkey or Germany for three to six months after the surgery. However, one day at any of the hospitals they choose costs 500 EUR. The family of this girl doesn’t have all that money!

I have announced that I am selling a kidney and will only do that to save my daughter. I will also sell the house. I will sleep in a tent if needed, only to save her. I can’t watch my child suffer anymore – said crying Kemal Pehlivanovic from Zenica, oslobodjenje.ba portal reports.

You can help Lamija by calling 090 291 030 and donate 2 BAM for Lamija Pehlivanovic by BH Telekom Network only.

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