A. Vučić: “I Expect the RS to Have the Will and Strength to Fight Against Crime and Corruption”

First Deputy Prime Minister of Serbia Aleksandar Vučić called on the RS government to fight against crime and corruption. “I expect the RS to have the will and strength to fight against crime and corruption”, he said for BN Television based in Bijeljina.

Vučić has expressed hope that the fight against crime and corruption that is being led in Serbia will expand not only to the RS, but the entire region.

He added that every support to the government in Serbia in the fight against crime and corruption is “welcome because people who got rich fast”, and which he is fighting against, ‘’will not easily give up’’.

“I believe that the fight in the entire region in the next period will be something that cannot be stopped, regardless of the inevitable problems and pressures. People who have ‘earned’ tens of millions of euros will not be allowed to just get away with, but that all measures will be taken to stop it’’, said Vučić.

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