Ademir Gogic shot a short Film on the Disintegration of Yugoslavia (video)

tarIn his short film that he managed to shoot in just seven days, the talented Ademir Gogic from Kladanj addressed the disintegration of the former Socialist Fedeal Republic of Yugoslavia.

Gogic, who has always loved film and photography, managed to realize this film in a short period of time, including the shooting of the film in which young people from Kladanj participated, as well as the processing of the frames.

“In this film I presented the disintegration of Yugoslavia as I experienced it and saw it. How the blindness with nationalism, propaganda, and petty human interests lead to terrible bloodshed, hatred and a disintegration of one powerful country. I want to thank everyone who participated in this project”, Gogic said.

Ademir Gogic was born on May 26th 1992, and in the film he framed the story of corruption, power, money, religion, and nationalism in his way, aiming at pointing to the problem which he called “the greatest enemy of both past and future”.


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