After Reconstruction: Stone House in Kastel Fortress to open its Doors soon

kucaThe Stone house, situated in the complex of the Kastel fortress, is to be officially opened by the end of the month. As announced from the Administrative Office of the City of Banja Luka, the Stone house had been completely renovated, a museum will be situated in it and during the official opening an exhibition, which has been previously agreed upon with UNESCO, will be displayed.

“Currently, the activities are being conducted on the construction of hot water pipeline that will enable connection for heating for all units, which will create conditions for the opening and beginning of work of the Stone house. Works on the first stage of Unit 2 are undergoing and being conducted according to the planned timetable, and the deadline for completion is scheduled in early 2016”, said Nevena Blagojevic-Podric, Head of the Office for Public Relations in the Administrative Office of the City of Banja Luka.

During two-year course of works on the Kastel fortress, the north gateway was repaired in addition to the Stone house, as well as the walls on the southern side of the fortress, along the Vrbas River. Repair of the summer stage and walls around the north gate is also currently in progress. Financial means for the reconstruction have been provided from the EU funds and they amount to seven million BAM in total, while the City of Banja Luka invested around tro million BAM so far for the required technical paperwork, permits, reconstruction of the power station and the construction of hot water pipeline.

It is impossible to predict when will the complete reconstruction of this landmark of Banja Luka take place, because the continuation of reconstruction works depends on the provision of financial means. According to the prognoses of the experts, complete reconstruction of the fortress which spreads across 48.000 square meters will cost around 25 million BAM.

(Source: photo mojkontakt)

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