After the Problems in Croatia, is B&H ready for Refugees?

refugees1The estimates that Bosnia and Herzegovina is not in the focus of interest of refugees coming to the territory of the Western Balkans, said Chairman of the Council of Ministers, Denis Zvizdic at a press conference after a meeting with representatives of the Prosecutor’s Office and all police and security agencies regarding the safety aspect of possible refugee crisis and the arrival of refugees to the territory of B&H.

According to his words, their primary goal remains the European Union, but “there is a risk that part of the route gets redirected through Bosnia and Herzegovina due to the fact that Hungary, as well as Bulgaria, Romania and possibly Romania are building the walls which would prevent the passage of refugees through their territory”.

As far as the security aspect is concerned, Zvizdic said that “our services will be ready for registration and profiling of every individual who enters the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina from the security aspect.”

“It is very important to us. I do not want BiH to be in any security risk in terms of the route of movement of refugees. Our security institutions, such as the State Border Service, the Service for Foreigners, Ministry of Security, SIPA, OSA and the Prosecution are ready to conduct adequate registration and for the movement and residence of these people is fully monitored from the aspect of security of all citizens and for the state of Bosnia and Herzegovina,” said Zvizdic.

(Source: FENA)

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