Agreement on Economic Cooperation of BiH, Serbia and Turkey to be signed

ŠarovićVice president of Serbian Government and Minister of Foreign And Internal Commerce and Tele-communications Rasim Ljajijć, minister of economy of Turkey Zafer Çağlayan and minister of Foreign commerce and Economic relations of BiH Mirko Šarović will sign on 14 May an agreement on economic cooperation between three countries, said the Government of Serbia.

Agreement on economic cooperation postulates that all forms of economic cooperation among three countries will be improved and that partnership in sectors of crucial importance will be expanded and activities in creating efforts to jointly offer goods to third world markets, said Ljajić’s office

The implementation of this agreement will be supervised by trilateral committee, which will meet once a year.

Parallel to this meeting, there will be a business forums.

Ljajić’s office stated that other activities are being planned as well, like organisation of fairs, seminars and trainings; conferences and continued exchange of knowledge and experience, with the aim of strengthening economic cooperation of Serbia, Turkey and BiH.


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