Alma Ras Wins Asian Market

alma_rasAlma Ras company announced with pride the cooperation with DM Corporation, whose seat is in the South Korean city Geumcheon-Gu Seoul. Till today, the Manners fine male underwear was exported to South Korea and it has an enormous potential to gain the big and demanding market.

Manners will find its way to customers via the TV and online selling, which are the most popular ways of shopping in this Asian state.

South Korean partner is satisfied with the assortment and quality of products, but the real reaction of consumers is expected in the following period.

Annual production of over 10 million articles for two established brands Alma Ras and Mannes, breakthrough on the foreign markets, manufacturing plants in Olovo, Vareš and Srebrenica, eleven retail shops, more than 500 employers and the title of one of the most wanted employee in B&H, are the characteristics of Alma Ras today.

(Source: Fena)


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