Children’s Show “PLUMB BO-BO, ZU”

1973609_790100714342081_8243221285272417004_oThe show named “Plumb BO-BO, ZU” is the first show made for babies, and it uses different movements and sounds, shapes and colors of funny and sad character.

Searching for the way to communicate with the audience that does not speak still, this show relies on the characters of theater, as the live art, all in order to make audience interested without the special effects.

Items which are used on the show can be eaten or are made of the material which is safe for children. Funny play of sound and movements, colors and shapes is the real event for all theater audience. BO-BO symbolizes moves, ZU symbolizes sound and there are 2 clowns which engage into the game of revealing the world.

“Plumb BO-BO, ZU” helps to parents to speak the language of their children. Sometimes we do not know how much our children can say on their language.

Show is made in the coproduction of Aparat theater and Sarajevo War Theater SARTR, the show is directed by Belma Lizde Kurt and roles are played by Maja Zečo and Dušan Vranić.

On the scene of SARTR, the show will be played in 4 periods in May: 13.05. at 18h, 14.05. at 18h and 18.05. at 11h  and 17h.


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