Alternative Location for Construction of Embassy Proposed to Russian Ambassador

ruski ambasador 2The Ambassador of the Russian Federation to BiH Aleksandar Bocan-Harčenko visited with his colleague’s municipality Novi Grad Sarajevo, and the topic of the discussion was the construction of a new building for the Russian embassy in this area.

Since this country does not have a specific building in our country, there was a request earlier by this Embassy for the construction of a building in the area near RTV, which municipality Novi Grad plans for the construction of a Congress Center Sarajevo.

Given that the municipal council at the last meeting adopted a draft decision on an urban project “Congress Center Sarajevo”, this location will not be available for the construction of an embassy building.

Therefore, the representatives of the Russian Embassy were given a new suggestion for an alternative location for the Embassy. The proposal will be considered in the next period, after which its realization would begin.

During the discussion, the Mayor of Novi Grad Semir Efendić thanked Ambassador Kharchenko for the visit and expressed interest for the construction of a building for the Russian Embassy in the Novi Grad area of Sarajevo.

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