Ambassadors of Malaysia and Slovenia Visit The BiH Minister of Foreign Affairs

The Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers and the BiH Minister of Foreign Affairs, Zlatko Lagumdžija, received in an inaugural visit the Ambassador of Malaysia to BiH Anuara Bin Kasmana.

Minister Lagumdžija welcomed Ambassador Kasmana to BiH, expressing his wish that the economic and political relationship between these two friendly countries will further enhance.

In this regard, he recommended that, among other things, in the future there would be a visit of the BiH representative in Kuala Lumpur. He invited the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Malysia to visit BiH with a business delegation.

Lagumdžija thanked Ambassador Kasman for Malaysia’s support for BiH, and especially for the current Malyasian investments and stressed the interest of the country for new investments.

One of the assessments presented by Minister Lagumdžija during the meeting was that the Malaysian technological association associated with BiH professional human resources and experience, can provide excellent results in business, especially in dedicated food and agriculture industries, air traffic areas, energy sector, tourism and other areas.

The Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers and the Minister of Foreign Affairs Zlatko Lagumdžija received as part of a working visit the Ambassador of Slovenia to BiH Andrej Grasselli.

Minister Lagumdžija and Ambassador Graselli made a positive assessment of the bilateral relations between BiH and Slovenia, and expressed their belief that the current successful cooperation will continue to develop and strengthen in all areas. They exchanged information and opinions of the current political and economic events in both countries, as well as events in the region and the EU.

Lagumdžija and Grasselli particularly stressed the need to improve economic relations and trade between BiH and Slovenia, as well as the need for further expansion of the legal framework for cooperation.

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