Amel Tuka: Colors of the National Flag do not deserve anything less than a Gold

Amel Tuka“I am not asking for a lot, but giving back several times more“, said the best BH athlete of all times, who won the first time in a race at 800 meters at the prestigious Diamond League in Monaco, when he charmed the audience around the world with his new personal record.

The modest 24-year-old Amel Tuka is currently in Italy, preparing for the World Championship that will be held from 22nd to 30th August in Beijing. He will come to B&H for a very short time, probably on 9th August.

What Tuka showed in Monaco, at the prestigious Diamond League, which gathers only the greatest world athletes, was praised by the biggest world media. With the time of 1:42.51 at 800 meters, Tuka charmed al lovers of athletics, and achieved the 10th result of all times in the world of athletics, broke his personal record, as well as the state record, which was not broken for a long time.

He believes in a good result in Beijing at the end of the next month, as he believed in it during the competition in Monaco. As he said, colors of the flag of B&H, do not deserve anything than gold and he will give his best to reach it in China in around a month.


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