American Investors in B&H soon?

investmentThe value of the planned projects that the United States could implement in our country through the four infrastructure megaproject amounts to more than 800 million USD. Experts say that the American investments are much superior then any others.

USA is ready to invest money in projects of expansion of airports in Sarajevo and Banja Luka, the construction of border crossing with Croatia on the section Odzak – Svilaj, and the biggest project – the possibility of exploration and exploitation of oil on the territory of FB&H. US investment in B&H is very encouraging and, according to the Council of Ministers, a great signal to other investors.

Zlatko Hurtic, an economic expert, states that American investors are ready more than any others, to have a direct impact on the growth of employment, salaries and pensions. They usually come with their own technology, managers and they have a global market. It is a superior way of investing compared to any other.

“We are improving the image of our country. We also have the economic and employment growth. We made important changes to the laws, such as the Labor Law. EU is talking more positively about B&H, so this is an opportunity for us to attract foreign investors,” said Zlatko Hurtic.


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