Andy McGuffie About ERASMUS+ Program

andyCommenting on the participation of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the future ERASMUS+ programme 2014 – 2020, EUD/EUSR spokesperson Andy McGuffie said:

“In order to take part in some of the activities within the future ERASMUS+ (2014 – 2020) programme, BiH would need to sign an agreement with the European Commission and make the relevant financial contribution. This is the responsibility of the BiH authorities and still remains a matter for them to resolve.

“However we underline that some other activities of the future Erasmus+ programme (2014-2020) will in fact be open to BiH. These will not require action by the BiH authorities or any further agreement with the European Commission. Activities covered under the former programmes ‘Erasmus Mundus Action 1’ will remain available – the Joint Programmes at Master/doctorate level including scholarships; activities under ‘Action 2’ – Cooperation and exchange projects with Higher Education Institutions; and finally Tempus – activities oriented towards institutional reform in the education sector.

“This is made possible thanks to a financial grant made unilaterally by the EU from the pre-accession instrument (IPA) for all Western Balkan countries including BiH. In addition, funding for mobility for youth workers, youth organisations and young people from BiH will be ensured from the EU side.

“Nonetheless, full participation in Erasmus+ on an equal footing with EU Member States is the ultimate goal for BiH and we continue to work towards this.”


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