Anniversary of Death of Mustafa Nadarevic, we will always remember the funny Lines of his Character Izet Fazlinovic

Apart from a rich career that began decades before and an impressive opus of his achievements, actor Mustafa Nadarevic will be remembered among younger generations for his role as Izet Fazlinovic in the series “Crazy, Confused, Normal”.

The oldest Fazlinovic made the TV viewers laugh for years, and besides the older people, the youngest ones also enjoyed watching him.

Even today we remember his legendary statements, and we began to apply some of them in everyday expression.

It is inevitable that no one could present Izet better than Mustafa, and it is difficult to decide which of his sentences ‘brought us to tears of laughter‘ the most.

These are some of his iconic lines:

”I am super-duper drunk.”

“I know nothing about your feelings paprikas.”

“If I could recover from this hangover, I would get drunk again because I would be so happy.”

“I only drink when it’s my birthday and when it’s not.”

“You would like to work and receive a salary at the same time.”

“Oh Izet, is that you? – No, who could it be… Dusko Lokin and Saban Saulic?

“Bubo, you know, one part of me says you’re stupid and the other one agrees.”

“Samir, son, open the window so grandpa could fly.”

“Hello, who is bothering me?” (while answering the phone)

”Studying? What studying? How can it be possible for someone to study for more than half an hour?”

Seafood? I only like a lamb when it falls into the sea.”

Which color will be our new car? I don’t mind, as long as it’s red. “

“My dear Damir, work has made a man and laziness a gentleman.”

“At his age, I had more girls than he ate cevapi.”


Nadarevic passed away on yesterday’s day in 2020. After his death, Fedja Isovic, the screenwriter of the series “Crazy, Confused, Normal”, announced that new sequels would not be filmed.

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