Annual Exhibition “Collegium Artisticum” Opened

8624The Mayor of Sarajevo Ivo Komšić opened the traditional exhibition gallery “Collegium Artisticum” last night, which is dedicated to the day of Sarajevo. This year, there are presentations by 48 members of the Association of Artists of Applied Arts and Designers (ULUPUBiH), 40 architects from the Association of Architects (AABiH) and 96 artists from the Association of Artists (ULUBiH). The holder of the association is the Association of Artists of Applied Arts (ULUPUBiH).

All three associations were awarded prizes. Amila Smajović  won the Grand Prix award in the field of applied art and design for her collection “Still life”, “What I eat”, “What I read”, “How Much I spend”, and “Am I Healthy”?

The Grand Prix award of Association of Architects gave the Architectural office “Filter Arhitektura” an award for two prizes: Realization of the interior of the prayer space in Zurich and the conceptual design “Badel Unblocked Block” in Zagreb.

ULUBiH gave the Grand Prix to Hamzalija Muhić, in the category of painting to Muhamed Kafedžić Muha, the award for graphics Lea Jerlagić, for sculpture Stjepo Gavrić, and for new media Nela Hasanbegović and drawing to Amer Bakšić.

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