Anonymous Donor donates Firewood to Citizens

firewoodEverybody knows very well that many citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina live on the edge of poverty or they have stepped into it a while ago.

However, an encouraging fact is that there are people in BiH who are ready to help their fellow citizens in need. They are ready to donate clothes, food, furniture… As much as they can.

Facebook page Spotted Sarajevo published a status of a person who wanted to stay anonymous. That person wants to donate firewood to a family which is in a difficult situation. Advantage has been given to a family with children.

“Hello guys. If anyone knows a family which is in a difficult situation and which needs firewood, we would like to help them. We would cut the wood and deliver it to the address. Families with children have the advantage. Thanks,” says this status, which collected many likes and comments in a short time.

Everyone praised this act and many people suggested those who should receive firewood.

(Source: fokus.ba)

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