Another Successful Year: Bekto Precisa to enter Market of Thailand?

bekto precisa ditaFor the company Bekto Precisa, which represents the miracle of economic development in BiH, last year was very successful. Decades of experience in the production of tools and plastic injection resulted in this company acquiring the status of a European brand in production tools. Besides this sector which is the main activity of the company, all the facilities of this company are working at full capacity, so that the results of other products from different sectors including the automotive, sports, electro industry and multifunctional products are not negligible.

“We won a new market at the very beginning of the year, and that is Thailand. We will announce details on this cooperation when it’s finalized. Our tendency is constant growth and development, contracting new business and winning new markets where we have not had the opportunity to be represented so far. We have expanded our network of customers and achieve partnerships with companies with which we have not worked before. The company that significantly increased its value over 11 years and it is operating with renowned customers like Emke, Fischer, Hella, Volkswagen, became a leader in the production of tools for plastic injection in Southeast Europe and as such will continue to expand its capacity and markets in the future. This path will not be easy, but thanks to the quality of our products and services, we are ready to satisfy the most demanding customers,” said Amir Coralic, Technical Manager of Bekto Precisa from Gorazde.

“If we want BH economy to continue to grow and attract investors, the executive and legislative authorities in BiH need to simplify import and export procedures, such as temporary import so that, for example, instead of bank guarantee of customs they use blank bills, so that costs of domestic companies are reduced to a realistic level. With the introduction of exemptions on temporary import, the money would be redirected to other needs of companies, expansion of capacity and hiring new employees,” said Coralic.

When it comes to plans for this year, according to him, Bekto Precisa will continue negotiations that they started at the end of last year, with foreign business partners who have recognized the excellent quality of products and services of the companies interested in moving the production part of the European Union to facilities of Bekto Precisa in Gorazde.


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