Antigen Testing could save the Season in Medjugorje

Tourism in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) has been suffering a lot lately due to the need to have a PCR test when entering our country. Medjugorje experiences the biggest losses. That is why the touristic workers from this place sent a set of measures to the authorities in order to revive tourism again.

Until 2020, Medjugorje achieved impressive results in the category of the number of foreign guests, especially those coming from the European Union (EU). In 2020, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the figures were only about 10% of those from 2019. Since they didn’t want for a state in 2020. to happen again in 2021, caterers and tourism workers from Medjugorje gathered in an association and made proposals of how they considered it is possible to save the season in Medjugorje, but also other places in BiH. They sent it to higher levels of authorities.

“To precisely determine how will the people at the borders enter here, that an antigen or PCR test can be done at any location, not only in Medjugorje but also in Mostar, Sarajevo, and other places, and that is what we expect from the authorities,” said Davor Ljubic, the president of the Medjugorje Tourism Association.

“It is not disputable that the desire and motive of people from outside to come to Medjugorje exist, but the objective circumstances and obstacles are such as to prevent normal arrival here and as long as there are such obstacles at the borders and strong testing, it will significantly reduce guest arrivals,” said the head of the Office of the Medjugorje Tourism Association, Zeljko Vasilj.

For a larger influx of tourists in BiH, it is important, as the caterers say, to enable entry with an antigen test, certificates of vaccination, or proof that they had COVID, besides the PCR test. Also, another issue, that is returning to home countries would be solved by favorable antigen tests at a number of locations.

“We are communicating with the owners of the agencies and they are very interested in what is happening here since there are many groups that have expressed a desire to come to Medjugorje, and we must enable them to return to their countries,” pointed out Medjugorje hotelier Ante Kozina, BHRT writes.


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