Bosnian Edin Kajevic set the new Guinness Record!

Edin Kajevic Record avaz.baThe taekwondo master Edin Kajevic set the new record in breaking coconuts with the elbow per minute, at the Guinness records manifestation held yesterday at the border of Austria and Czech Republic.

This time, the popular Kaja broke 58 coconuts.

“In under a year this is already the third time I have performed, of which this is the second time performing in breaking coconuts with the elbow. I increased my previous record of 40 broken to 58 broken coconuts. I would like to thank my mentor Muhamed Kahrimanovic, who also broke the record in breaking coconuts on the stomach (21) “, said Kajevic, the founder and trainer of the Taekwondo Club Visoko.

Kajevic said he dedicates the new record to all Bosnians and Herzegovinians.

(Source: klix.ba)

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