Candidate for BH Presidency Sefik Dzaferovic voted

Candidate for Bosniak Member of the Presidency from SDA party Sefik Dzaferovic voted in Zenica with his wife and in the statement for media he said he expects the support of all citizens of BiH.

“I want today’s elections to be in a democratic atmosphere and BH citizens to freely express their will and determine the future of our homeland in the next four years. Our country needs stability, economic integrity and integrations,” Dzaferovic said.

Dzaferovic added that although he is the only candidate from the Zenica-Doboj Canton for a member of BH Presidency, he expects the mass support of BiH citizens.

“I expect that SDA party and myself as a candidate will win. In my deep conviction, the victory is the best answer to the political situation in BiH. SDA has shown that it can lead the country in the right way,” Dzaferovic concluded.

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