Archaeological Site Mlini represents a unique Symbol of Statehood of BiH

12422413_1129638580420430_1485814593_oArchaeological site Mlini in Arnautovići near Visoko is one of the most significant national monuments in Bosnia and Herzegovina and represents a unique symbol of the statehood of BiH.

Mili represent the birthplace of the Bosnian nobility, the place of coronation and the burial church of the Bosnian rulers. It was declared a national monument on July 2, 2003. The first research on this site began around 1910, after which numerous analyses and research have been conducted. The conservation works were completed in 1988, and the project of protecting the site began in 1999.

Based on the public call by the Ministry of Culture and Sports of the FBIH for the selection of programs and projects to be co-financed from the budget of the FBIH and which refer to the reconstruction of cultural and construction heritage, the Department of Local Economic Development of the Visoko Municipality applied with the project – relocation of the local road from the site of the national monument Mili. The entire project has been directed towards the protection and preservation of the archaeological park Mili that is culturally and historically significant for the entire BiH.

Curator of the Local Museum in Visoko, Habiba Efendira-Ćehić, said that the relocation of the road would be the biggest step in protecting this archaeological site.

“The archaeological site ‘Mili’ is of great significance for BiH and Visoko. The site became an ideal destination for marking the Coronation Day of the King Stjepan Tvrtko I Kotromanić, as well as for visits by students and tourists. The Day of the Visoko Municipality and the anniversary of the Charter of Kulin Ban have been marked at this site for several years now,” said Efendira-Ćehić, adding that continuous investments are necessary for keeping the site as preserved as possible.

The Local Museum Visoko added that they believe that the Visoko Municipality will provide financial support in the protection of the archaeological park in the coming period as well and that they will work on the promotion and protection of the valuables of BiH in the Visoko area in other ways, too.


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